Short term Uber cover - Short-Term Uber Insurance for Part-Time Drivers

Short-Term Uber Insurance for Part-Time Drivers

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Short term Uber cover - Short-Term Uber Insurance for Part-Time Drivers

Pay-as-you-go hourly, daily or weekly cover via our app.

The way we book a cab or hail a taxi has evolved in extraordinary ways in the last few years, especially since the launch of the ride-hailing service, Uber.

The on-demand nature of Uber has transformed the customer experience, but it’s changed things for Uber partner drivers, too. It’s much easier now to combine flexible working for Uber to suit other work or family commitments in life, with many drivers happy to be part-time private hire drivers simply for extra income.

So, with the FareCOVER app we’ve adapted the way you can get Uber insurance, too. We understand that a part-time Uber driver doesn’t necessarily want or need a 12-month private hire insurance policy, so we’ve created a really easy way for you to purchase flexible Uber insurance, as and when you need it.

Pay-as-you-go Uber insurance

Our pay-as-you-go app offers flexible, short-term comprehensive Uber insurance for part-time drivers. However you work, whenever you drive, you’re in control of your insurance. You can now purchase temporary, on-demand cover by the hour, day, or week at a time.

Hourly cover

Ultimate Uber cover flexibility – work whenever you want with temporary Uber insurance at a moment’s notice. Hourly cover allows partner drivers to make the most of opportunities as soon as they crop up. Or not! You choose.

Daily cover

Arrange daily cover for your Uber car, as and when you need it. No fuss, no hanging around. All the insurance advantages without the long-term commitment.

Weekly cover

If you like to plan ahead and have plenty of Uber driving hours set for the coming weeks, this option could be right for you. A one-off payment for weekly cover that still leaves you in control of your long-term financial commitments.

How does it work?

We’ve made it really easy to get started and everything is done through the app:

  1. First, download the FareCOVER app from Google Play (for Android devices) or the Apple Store.
  2. Sign up via the app and enter details for you and your vehicle.
  3. We’ll give you a quote and you can purchase the cover.
  4. Simply open the app each time you want to buy a new period of cover by the hour, day or week.

You don’t need to retype all your information each time you use the app. Your basic details are stored, so all you have to do is reconfirm the vehicle details and select your next period of insurance to get a fresh quote.

Download the app to get a quote and insurance in minutes

Tap or click below if you’re using an Apple device
app store - Short-Term Uber Insurance for Part-Time Drivers
Tap or click below if you’re using an Android device
GooglePlayStore - Short-Term Uber Insurance for Part-Time Drivers

Are you eligible?

You need to meet a few criteria to be eligible:

  • You must be an Uber Partner Driver.
  • You must register on the app using the same email address that Uber knows you by.
  • You need to have a separate and active annual social, domestic and pleasure policy in place to cover your car when you’re not driving for Uber.
  • TfL-licensed drivers must have at least 7 days cover in place.

You should also check that short-term insurance is compatible with the terms of your private hire licence. Your local authority or TfL can advise if you’re not sure.

What if you need a longer policy?

We’ve got that covered, too. If you drive for Uber on a more regular basis you might want a longer policy, take a look at our 1-month, 3-month and 12-month Uber insurance options.



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