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Meet Astha Srivastava, Apprentice working in Finance and Customer Services. 

Why I chose to become an apprentice in insurance.

Apprentice Astha Srivastava

Apprentice Astha Srivastava

What first attracted you to the apprenticeship? 

I think it gives you a professional advantage and better career prospects. You get practical experience as well as the academic side – all at the same time. Also it makes financial sense to do the qualifications this way. The company, Complete Cover Group, pays for the course – all the lectures, modules and exams – on top of my salary.

What are the highlights of your experience so far?

I love my job. It is so diverse. I have really enhanced my own skills on the apprenticeship. Also the career progression is really clear to me now. I didn’t know about those opportunities before. That motivates me to get the professional qualification I am working towards on the apprenticeship. I love numbers and calculations – that’s my natural skill set and now I know how to develop my career using my skills.

Would you have considered a career in insurance as a school leaver?

(Laughs). Definitely that is a no. Insurance – that was a complete blank. I didn’t know anything about insurance. Actually it is a huge sector and there are so many different roles and skill sets just in the same company, never mind the industry as a whole. It makes the work culture really exciting.

What would you say to someone considering an on the job apprenticeship?

I one hundred percent recommend it. I would say definitely investigate it. If a company is willing to invest in you, you know you will get a lot out of it.

Be realistic because it is a big commitment for you also.  You need to do modules and work at the same time so it is challenging as well as rewarding. However the future prospects are absolutely worth it. I would say if you have ambition and you are good at time management, you should go for it.    

Had you always planned to do an apprenticeship?

No. I honestly didn’t know I could be an apprentice. I don’t think there’s enough awareness of apprenticeship schemes actually and especially the fact anyone can do them – not just graduates.

What plans for the future?

Definitely I see my future in insurance. After the FIT (Foundation Insurance Test) I will have the chance to consider CII (Certificate In Insurance).

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